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PRODUCT REVIEWS (Hunting, Fishing and Misc.) -- We'll try the latest and greatest products, (and some classics as well) no holds barred, and let you know how they perform. Check in with us each month to see a new review. You can also request a review on any product you see by sending us an e-mail. Click here for the product review menu.

HOW TO -- Here is where you will find great tips on how to enjoy and improve your outdoor experience. Learn from the experts, after all the way a person becomes an expert in their chosen field is by making all of the mistakes at least twice! Seriously, we will document our projects each month in both the fishing waters and hunting fields, and let you see our mistakes firsthand! Click here to learn more hunting. Click here to learn more fishing.

RANCH REVIEW -- A comprehensive review of Texas ranches and lodges where hunting and fishing are the business of the day. Not everyone can afford to buy or lease their own ranch, sometimes it makes sense to hunt on a pay-per-day basis. From the food to the fishing, blinds to bathrooms, we'll tell you about the many opportunities in Texas for trophy hunting. And don't think you can't afford it, we plan to find the " everyman" ranches, as well as the high brow places. Click here to begin your hunt.

LAKE REVIEW -- Of course we are VERY fortunate to be able to fish all over this great state. Bringing you the whole enchilada each month on a new lake. Lodging, guides, food, sights and attractions, you get it all right here! Click here for your Texas lakes tour.

BOOK REVIEW -- You might be amazed at the knowledge available in a book! Whatever you want to know, chances are somebody has written a book about it. Thing is, not ALL books are created equal. We will pick a new ( or old) book each month, both in the hunting and fishing genres, as well as books containing adventure stories or entertaining reading about the outdoors. After reading, we will give you our honest opinion about the book. Click here and show us America still reads.

REVIEW DISCLAIMER -- Reviews will sometimes, but not always, include the newest products available. Occasionally, we will review a “classic” . Any product, ranch, book or other item under review is chosen entirely without prejudice and all are welcome. The reviews are chosen, conducted, and written by the editors. These are our opinions and ONLY our opinions, based on many years of fishing and hunting experience. To comment send your e-mail to

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